Early Years Learning

Early Years Learning



Here at Bright Eyes Early Years Learning is at the centre of all we do. As your child passes through their different stages of development they will given opportunities to learn through play. Learning at Bright Eyes provides a rich and stimulating learning environment to allow children develop and grow.

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Areas of learning are taken from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is the national framework for all children in the care of nurseries, preschools, childminders and is also the same framework used within Primary reception classes. Please click here to see the EYFS.

The areas of learning are:

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

For children under the age of three the focus of learning is on the three ‘prime areas’ which are; communication & language, physical development and personal, social & emotional development. These areas are the building blocks to enable children to develop and learn effectively to move on and be successful in mastering the other four areas later in their learning journey. At all stages of learning your child will mostly be taught through games and play some of which will be adult led and structured and some of which will be child led and ‘free play’ allowing children to develop their own ideas and fuel their imagination. Underpinning all of the learning we encourage ‘British Values’ within the setting which encourages respecting each other and ourselves, sharing and being kind to our friends, being independent and exploring and understanding other cultures within Britain.


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At Bright Eyes we concentrate on Cultural Capital which is all about preparing children with the knowledge and skills for what comes next.   We know that children arrive at their early years settings having had different experiences than others, in their learning and play. As an example, research tells us that there is correlation between the number of words a child knows and their future success – so is it fair that some children do not hear the same number of words than others?  What a setting does, through the EYFS curriculum and interactions with adults, can make all the difference for children.   We also aim to give different worldly experiences to the children at Bright Eyes opening their eyes to the awe of our fantastic world.   This is so important in early years because what children learn in those vital first years if life will stay with them forever.

Cultural Capitol

Key Person

When your child starts Nursery with us they will be entitled to a ‘settling in’ period. This is the chance for your child to explore the setting, meet the staff and make new friends at Nursery. This also gives the staff a great opportunity to get to know the child and the parents/carers to build a positive relationship. Every child is allocated a key person when they have had the chance to build a positive relationship with a key person.

This person will work with the child and other staff members to develop their learning and will be the main contact for the parent/carer in discussing any concerns or next steps in the child’s care and learning with us. All staff members will work with your child to encourage learning and development however the key person is responsible for tracking the child’s progress and sharing this with the parents.




As a childcare provider we are required to monitor and record children’s progress. In addition we use an online system called Famly which allows practitioners to capture photos and videos of your child’s play and learning for you to see snippets of your child’s day. These moments are linked to their developmental stages within the EYFS.  Famly is a two way interactive system where parents can respond to the key person with comments and send in their own photos. To keep children engaged and interested our practitioners plan activities to ensure that the child’s interests are at heart and that they are having fun whilst learning with us.

Every term we hold ‘parents evening’ where you are welcomed into the nursery to have a 10-15 minute chat with your child’s key person to get an up to date report on your child’s progress. Parent discussions provide the perfect opportunity to plan your child’s ‘next steps’. Next steps will give the key worker a focus and provide a vital parental input into the child’s learning. These assessments are in addition to the baseline assessment on entry to nursery, the 2 year old progress check usually completed between the ages of 2 and 3, the child’s 2 year old health check (usually carried out by a health visitor) and alongside the 5 year check when they are in reception class.



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Daily feedback

We have many forms of communication to include verbal feedback when dropping off or collecting your child daily. The online nursery parent system called Famly also ensures parents are kept up to date with nursery news and enables parents to contact the setting at any time as well as having a manned office to answer any parents calling to get updates on their child throughout the day. We are also contactable by email, via our Facebook page and parent communication books if requested. Information is available about the nursery in the form of email & paper newsletters, the Famly news feed, parents notice board and suggestion box in the Hallway.

If you have any other questions about Early Years Learning at Bright Eyes please feel free to contact us.