Town Nursery


Bright Eyes is set in a beautiful Victorian house with large play rooms for each age group and ability with mixed playtimes at outdoor play times. With light and airy rooms each one is equipped with the relevant toys and play stimulation for all children and our play co-ordinators have lots of space to engage them and play games.

Each room has been designed to enhance children’s minds in meaningful sociable play and learning environment. Children have access to a wide range of age appropriate exciting activities and develop and enhance current knowledge, understanding and skills. Toys and educational materials are regularly updated to ensure children have access to varied resources all the time. Resources are renewed regularly to keep children interested and motivated.

With a fully stocked art and crafts section for each room the children are kept busy with regular art projects as well as artwork to take home and keep in their scrap book. Topics such as ‘under the sea’ and ‘space’ are changed monthly to keep interest and provide structure for the children.

The kitchen is staffed at all times and they work with the children on improving their cookery skills as well as proving fresh and delicious seasonal menus using local produce. Any children with allergies or intolerances are catered for and our team are skilled and knowledgable in adapting menus for different children.

Our children have lots of space and are invited to integrate with each other through games and nursery lead activities involving all ages and abilities.

The Rooms –

Baby Bears – from Birth to 2 years

Tiny Tigers – from 2 to 3 years

Pre School – 3 years onwards

Holiday club – 3-8 years

Our play rooms are interchanging however we like to work with children the same age to develop children both individually and in a group. We do occasionally mix the childrens room so that it enables them to socialise more and meet older children in the rooms they will be moving up into.


With a gorgeous mature garden the house is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, as well as having a huge outdoor grass area and forestry section. Children in our care are encouraged to explore the garden and engage in outdoor play as much as possible.

With an abundance of outdoor play equipment, we also work to arrange seasonal outdoor play such as campfires in autumn in the forestry school section and paddling pool ‘splash zones’ in summer to keep the children cool and entertained.

The garden vegetable patch is vital part of children’s learning here with us and we encourage all children to be involved with the development of the patch to gain understanding of where vegetables come from. We also like to plant flowers and watch them grow with the children.

Our ethos works largely around getting children outside and enjoying nature whatever the weather so that children get out and about at least once a day for lots of fun filled games and activities.


If you would like to know more about Bright Eyes in the Town or would like to visit us please feel free to contact us.