All of our food is prepared to a high standard, working to create inspiring and delicious meals for the children in conjunction with the Healthy Under 5’s menu. Healthy Under 5’s is a Cornwall County Council run programme to combat childhood obesity and ensure children are getting the correct nutrients, minerals and vitamins throughout the day based on a balanced diet. All of our food prepared here is run from a menu currently holding a level 4 Healthy Under 5’s badge and a level 5 food hygiene rating. To find out more about Healthy Under 5’s please click here.

Only the freshest produce is used and local ingredients are sourced where possible including the vegetables children grow in our vegetable patch. Our chef is brilliant at thinking up new cooking crafts for the children such as ginger bread houses, cookie Christmas trees, Easter eggs, cake baking and many more.

All food is freshly cooked and centered around parent and child feedback. All food has a high nutritional value and meals are all balanced with a variety from day to day. We aim to help develop children’s healthy eating habits as well as giving them the opportunity to interact and socialise at meal times with other children and staff.

Our preschool and two year old room run a snack cafe system where children find their own name, help themselves to snack, when they decide which promotes independence, helps to recognise their own name and friend’s names, promotes routines such as hand washing, gives time for socialisation around the snack table and discussions on how food is available to us e.g. does it grow? has it been chopped up? does it come from a packet? This provides a whole learning experience just from having a snack!

We offer lunch and dinner for our children as well as regular healthy snacks between meals. Water and milk is available throughout the day and is freely available. Children with special dietary requirements and needs are catered for readily and easily. We encourage children to explore new healthy foods and talk to the children about the meals as their feedback is super important to us as well as parents feedback. Menus are rotated every 3 weeks and changed 4 times a year in co-ordinance with the seasons.

As well as daily cooking Bright Eyes also offers seasonal meals for our children such as Christmas dinner, summer BBQ’s and campfire treats. Please see below for the current menu’s available on a three week rolling menu.

Our meal charges can be found by clicking here. Children who do not need meals in the setting are welcome to bring packed lunch from home under the Healthy Under 5’s guidance, information on Healthy Under 5’s packed lunches can be found by clicking here.


Vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, baby led weaning and cultural dietary requirements are always available

Allergies and intolerance’s are catered for every child please ask our nursery cook for alternative options

All children under the age of 2 years of age will be given full fat milk (unless parent has specified otherwise), semi skimmed milk is also available for all children

All bread used is Hovis 50/50 for a balance of whole grain in the diet

All sauces and baked beans are reduced salt and sugar

All meals are homemade

Breakfast includes toast, crumpets, low sugar and low salt cereals, yoghurt and fruit.


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