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The best sleeping position for your baby

You should always place your baby on their back to sleep and not on their front or side.

Sleeping your baby on their back (known as the supine position) every night is one of the most protective actions you can take to ensure your baby is sleeping as safely as possible.

There is substantial evidence from around the world to show that sleeping your baby on their back  at the beginning of every sleep or nap (day and night) significantly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Important things to remember

  • You should always place your baby on their back to sleep and not on their front or side (unless your doctor has advised you of a medical reason to do so)
  • Sleeping a baby on their front or side greatly increases the chance of SIDS
  • It is important that you always put your baby on their back as part of their regular sleep routine – the chance of SIDS is particularly high for babies who are sometimes placed on their front or side

If your baby rolls onto their tummy

Once your baby can move themselves from their back to their front and back again by themselves, they will be able to find their own sleeping position.

The first few times they roll onto their tummy, you might like to gently turn them back, but do not feel you have to get up all night to check. Give them some time to play on their tummy while they are awake to help their development, but make sure you supervise them while they are on their front.

The importance of routine in reducing the risk of SIDS

The best way to make sure your baby sleeps on their back is to do this from day one, and keep putting them to sleep on their backs for every day and night time sleep.

It is also important that you keep the same routine for your baby, as babies who are normally slept on their backs but sometimes slept on their fronts are at a great risk of sudden death.

The safest sleep position for your baby: FAQs

My baby was born prematurely and slept on her front in hospital, is it okay to sleep her on her front at home as well?

Some babies who were born very prematurely and spent some time in a neonatal unit may have been slept on their fronts for medical reasons. Remember that babies in neonatal units are under constant supervision. By the time your baby comes home they should be sleeping on their back.

Babies may find it hard to adjust from a sleeping position they have been used to, so persevere and do speak to your paediatrician if you are concerned. Front-sleeping should only be continued for on-going medical reasons on the advice of your paediatrician.

Is a baby sleeping on their back more likely to choke on their own vomit?

Some parents worry that by sleeping their baby on the back they will be at a greater risk of choking on their own vomit. However, no research has found this to be the case, and we now know that babies are far safer sleeping on their backs.

My mum says I was slept on my front and that was the advice then, why has it changed?

Many parents will have been slept on their tummies as babies, as that was the advice before 1991. However, research has since shown that the chance of SIDS is much higher when a baby is placed on their front to sleep.

We know that in the early 1990s, there were thousands of babies worldwide dying suddenly and unexpectedly every year. The reason the number of deaths is much lower now is due to the new advice being followed by parents, such as lying babies on their backs to sleep.

My baby loves sleeping on his front, how do we change to his back without him waking up?

We sometimes get calls from parents who say their baby prefers sleeping on their front. If a baby is given a choice, they may well prefer this position, but unfortunately it is not a safe one!

This is why we encourage all parents to follow back-sleeping from day one. Getting your baby to stick to sleeping on their back once if they have tried sleeping on their front might be difficult, but is made easier if your baby is always put down to sleep whilst awake rather than allowing your baby to fall asleep in your arms. Keep going, they will eventually get used to it.

Is sleeping a baby on their front better for babies with reflux?

All babies should be slept on their backs unless there is medical advice saying something different. If your baby has reflux, or any other on-going health condition, speak to your doctor about the best care for them.

You should not sleep your baby on their front unless you have been advised to do so by a medical professional.

Will a sleep positioner help keep my baby on their back to sleep and therefore lower the risk of SIDS?

There is no need to use any type of equipment or rolled up blankets to keep your baby in one position unless you have been advised by a health professional for a specific medical condition.

STAK- Supporting vulnerable people with our community

Throughout October as part of our harvest theme we collected various food items which we then took to STAK.

At STAK St Austell they realise that life isn’t always straightforward and sometimes people can find themselves in difficult situations. Their aim is to support those who are experiencing the effects of poverty and to provide them with the help, support and assistance they need to take the next step in their life.

Based  in the heart of St Austell, with premises at 8 High Cross Street, they offer a variety of different services. The community kitchen is open six days a week where they offer two affordable meals a day; one at lunchtime and again at teatime. Most importantly, the kitchen is a safe space for people where they can access support, advice and guidance.


Armistice Day

Pre-school made a poppy wreath and took it to Holy Trinity church in St Austell. The children learnt about the significance of the poppy and how men went to defend the country. They had a look around the church and found out some history.

church     poppy


First Day Of School

I’ve got a brand new lunchbox.
My shoes are shiny clean.
I’ve got a cool, new bookbag
And a pencil case that’s green.

But I don’t know my teacher,
Or where my desk will be.
I don’t know if I’ll like the kids,
Or if they’ll play with me.

I peek inside my classroom.
I stand there for a while.
My teacher’s tall and kind of loud,
But has a great big smile.

And, best of all, she’s got my
Favorite book upon the shelf!
I kiss my mother at the door
And walk in by myself

Happy Halloween!

We had the best time at our Halloween disco last Friday. Thank you so much to all of our parents for bringing along the children, we all had so much fun!

Activities included;

  • Halloween arts & crafts
  • Ooey Gooey spider exploration tray
  • Spooky face painting
  • Apple bobbing
  • Pass the parcel
  • Best costume competition

IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0069 IMG_0078 IMG_0084 IMG_0097 IMG_0110 IMG_0113 IMG_0128 IMG_0133 IMG_0141

Tiny Techies!

We have been lucky enough to receive our new touch table this week and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Our children in preschool have been experimenting with drawing skills, problem solving games and doing lots of singing and language boosting activities. As well as improving the children’s technology skills the touch table will be used to develop communication and language, mathematics, literacy, and social skills like sharing and turn taking. We can’t wait to get all of our children started on using the new equipment and a huge thank you to all parents and carers who helped to raise money for the touch table through the summer fete last year and the Torchlight Carnival.

IMG_4371 IMG_4384


February Half Term Beach School

We had another great visit to the beach for part of the activities during February Half Term this year. We had so much fun doing mark making in the sand, collecting sea treasures like shells and sea glass, throwing rocks and sticks in the sea, chasing waves and so much more! We look forward to introducing the rest of our beach school dates this spring 🙂