Christmas Events for 2016 at Bright Eyes

Our Christmas Events have just been realised and we cannot wait to celebrate the festive cheer!

The nativity will be taking place at 10.30am and we welcome all family to come and watch with teas, coffees & mince pies on offer. All outfits are being made by staff, children and parents/guardians. The nativity will take place in the outside classroom so please ensure you dress your child in warm clothes for under their outfits and come suitablity dressed to stand outside for 15-20 minutes to watch the show. If you child is not booked to attend this day but would like to take part in the Nativity please let your room leader know and ensure they are at nursery for 10am to get dressed. Once you have confirmed if you would like your child to take place we will let you know the child’s role in the nativity including any line to practice and underlayers to be worn on the day.

For the Torchlight Carnival if you would like your child to take part please meet us at 5.30pm at John Keay House and we will provide a colourful high visablity vest for the children, lantern and santa hat. Please bare in mind the carnival is quite long so therefore please bring a push chair if needed or feel free to leave part way through should it be too far for your child to walk. Children must be accompanied by a parent for this event.

We look forward to celebrating this with you.

xmas 2016